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Kim Levin: Notes and Itineraries (1975-2005), 2008

Working notes of art critic Kim Levin on found paper, map tacks, dimensions variable.

Collaborative project conceived and designed by John Salvest involving the chronological arrangement of Levin's detailed working notes on found exhibition announcements.

Il Memoriale del Fango, 2007

Temporary street graffiti project commemorating the anniversary of the historic 1966 Florence flood.

The date of the disaster was stenciled with mud from the Arno in multiple locations throughout the city during a November 2007 residency.

Mud from the River Arno, Florence, Italy, 2 x 20 inch multiple.



Consumo Ergo Sum, 2005

Miscellaneous plastic lids, 4″ x 168″ x 96

Paper Trail, 2003

Shredded Enron Letterhead, 32″ x 34″ x 78″

Commission, 2003

Cannon Center for the Performing Arts, Memphis, Tennessee

Cast aluminum and paint. Dimensions variable.

Night Train, 2002

Twin bed, sheets, model train with sound component

Side By Side, Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis, Tennessee

FLY, 2002

Five black cables are stretched from one wall to another using porcelain wireholders at each end, giving the impression of high-tension lines in the landscape.

A few mounted sparrows are placed randomly on the lines, but toward the center there is a concentration of about twenty-five birds that are arranged to spell out the word "FLY."

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